Hyper Sensitive

Hyper Sensitive

Stress, environmentally-induced and genetic processes as well as plastic/esthetic surgery can impair the lipid protective barrier: The skin becomes more sensitive. BIODROGA MD™ HYPER SENSITIVE pointedly supports skin restructuring and restores its natural balance

Particularly developed for the specific needs of sensitive skin – especially suited for SKIN PRONE TO NEURODERMATITIS* and for the care before and after ESTHETIC-PLASTIC SURGERY. For example, anti-wrinkle injections, dermabrasion, laser or fruit-acid treatments.

reactivates essential skin functions and improves its natural resistance. The moisture level increases.

accelerates skin‘s ability to form new cells and strengthens its natural protection barrier. Inflammatory processes are prevented. Counters irritations.

supports skin‘s own regeneration capability. Rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, this substance improves the blood circulation.

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Sensitive & Couperose Starter Kit

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for very sensitive and dry skin 50 ml

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30 ml

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